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QUESTION: My husband and I are amateur shooters with the desire to start our own photography business in the future. Right now we shoot with the canon rebel eos t3. We use the lens that came with the camera which is a 18-55 mm and we also have a zoom lens which is a 75-30 mm. As we accumulate income we invest into our business but purchasing better equipment. We would like to purchase a lens that would be ideal for portraits and wedding photography. Can you recommend a few lenses in different price ranges? Please explains why you select them. Also, we do most of our shooting outdoors. Do you have any tips for doing portatis outside using natural lighiting? Thank you!

ANSWER: Good morning and congratulations on your possible new adventure in photography!
The t3 is an excellent camera to start with, but down the road you may want to upgrade to another model. We started with and still use a rebel XS, but our main body now is the 60D. It really doesn't matter which camera you use, but more how you use it.
The lenses you have are excellent and cover all the length you will need, but at F3.5 and F4.0 you will find yourself wanting for more light because you will be shooting outdoors and at the mercy of mother nature.
You would do well to look for maybe a 50mm F1.8 or F1.4 and something like the 135mm F2.0. These lenses will cover any outdoor portraiture and inside shots you may need to take. Don't forget you don't need any long lenses for portraits. When you do buy another body you can use both without having to switch lenses.
Shooting outdoors is great because your clients will be more comfortable and the light is perfect. A lot of people think the a bright sunny day is best, but a overcast day gives a nice, even, diffused light.
Here is my number one, best, trade secret I can give, if you don't already know. Place your subjects so the sun is behind them and into your face. This creates nice highlights in the hair and eliminates squinting. The next step is to force your flash on and that will fill in any shadows that are created. Also buy some reflectors (Canadian Tire has some sunscreens for your car's windshield that work well# and have your assistant hold them to warm up the shadows.
That's all I have for now, I hope it helped a bit.
Good luck and happy shooting
Tim #the husband)

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QUESTION: Thank you so much! Do you know if there is a big difference between a 50mm 1.4 and a 50mm 1.2? There is a huge difference in price ..

Good morning!
If the lens is made by the same manufacturer the only difference will be the speed. Usually when you start to get into faster lenses the price rises dramatically. Try to get the best you can afford. Money is always the object, but the 1.4 will do a great job for you and the 1.2 will be only a little better.
Have fun
Tim (the husband)


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