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I am having trouble taking good photographs of an autographed Baltimore Ravens football helmet that I'm trying to sell. It's black, very shiny and the autographs are in silver. No matter what angle, flash/no flash, indoor/outdoor lighting I use I get reflections that make it look bad. I am not a pro photographer but I have several years of experience taking pictures of similar items but this is the most trouble I've ever had. I have a new digital camera that's much better than my previous model but it hasn't helped.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

Good afternoon, sorry for the delay in answering!
This sounds like a real challenge, but there are solutions. First, shoot your helmet outdoors, but suspend a bedsheet two or three above the helmet. This will act as a diffuser cutting out harsh glare or shadows.
The second idea is from my wife and she suggests you try using a polarizing filter which should cut out the glare.
My third idea is from my days working in television, go to a local camera store or check online and find an aerosol spray that is specifically designed to cover the shiny finish and reduce glare. I think it would just be called "Glare Reduction" spray. This spray should not damage the helmet and just wipe off when you are done, make sure you read the direction and precautions.
Try ideas one and two in combination first and go for the spray if all else fails.
Good luck and happy selling.
Tim (the husband)


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