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I'm looking for a device which I can take out on location which will provide unending electrical power for my portable studio flash equipment.  Ideally, under 50 pounds and with handles so I may take to the location myself and set up.  Is there any company which offers this or do you know of any company that is working on equipment like this that may soon be available?  Thank you in advance.

Works On Paper
Works On Paper  
Hello Richard,

Check out this article published February 16, 2012 in the Chattanooga Times Free Press

As you can see, this article was published over a year ago and neither you or I have heard anything about anyone in the entire world having invented a device which “TURNS NOTHING INTO SOMETHING”, via motion created by magnetic pull which drives a generator to create electricity or some other imaginary process. But any way you look at it, a perpetual motion machine or any mechanical device which is imagined to produce more energy than it uses is “turning nothing into something”.

Theologians and philosophers have long argued about the notion of God creating the universe out of nothing.  Any assumed “void” from which some people say God created “something from nothing” contradicts the concept of God as “one being absolutely infinite”.  The idea of God somehow having eternally co-existed with empty space or “nothing” contradicts that concept of God. Theologians most basic definition of God is that before God created – there was God and only God – the Infinite Being.

The notion of "creating something from nothing" was invented to remedy the problem of being logically forced to say God created the universe from his own power.  To say God created the universe from preexisting power, including God's own, is arguably NOT creative or an act of creation.  The notion of "void" or "nothingness" had to be invented so theists could say God created the universe and that God created the universe from nothing. However, as pointed out, in the definition of God there is no place for anything else eternally co-existing with God.  Before God, there was only God. So this ancient theistic fallacy exists and this fallacy can be seen as branching into other thought processes including would-be inventors in modern times! Through the centuries and even today we find people trying to "create something from nothing" via the perpetual motion machine.

The so-called inventor in the article (it is not stated that he has ever actually invented anything), is confusing his magnets with fool’s gold.  The entire article is nothing but an article of many lofty and unsubstantiated claims. The article does not even offer any glimpse or relates to its readers ANY kind of success Mr. Clay has achieved with his project. Instead, all we are offered is that there has apparently been no progress directly related to fulfilling the purpose and function of the device he wants to invent!  It goes from introducing himself as a “simple" engineer which sounds humble, but then this simple engineer becomes a “scientist” who then tells us that he is working on a device that will break the first couple laws of thermodynamics.  The article than continues to compare him among the great scientists who met with rejection and who were even persecuted.  Of course, the big difference is that he is standing here today in modern times defiantly against established scientific fact and the work of many great scientists which have established these accepted facts. He is not today standing defiantly against a primitive society or religious zealots who are ignorant of the scientific method. Despite all the scientists and national laboratories he has contacted, the article simply shows the readers that Mr. Clay’s work is not convincing since no one has shown any interest in his work and they don't take him seriously. Why should the readers of this article take him seriously?  His body of work on this project has obviously produced nothing after all his time and $200,000 of investment according to the article. To see someone waste so much money in the later years of his life playing with magnets which has produced no results of value to both the scientific community and would-be investors is very sad. While Mr. Clay takes the time to mention how others can be a tad arrogant, he has declared (despite not proving any single one of his own claims), that the established laws of physics may be violated. Indeed, they are made to be broken he boastfully declares and offers no evidence for this assertion. Tad arrogant?

Moreover, the article continues to show us Mr. Clay's double standards.  He previously lamented the rejection of scientists in the past, but has now himself taken the ancient notion of "turning nothing into something" and he rejects modern scientists for not blindly accepting that this can be done or that he is the one who can do it! Mr. Clay briefly mentions, "I don't blindly accept something..." but laments modern scientists for not blindly accepting his own claims! As a scientist, Mr. Clay should expect and appreciate critiques of his work. But instead the article tells us he rejects all scientific criticisms and he provides no reason or rational basis for his disagreeing with modern scientists. Tad arrogant?

If Mr. Clay could at least provide the scientific theorem which may provide some evidence that the laws of thermodynamics can be violated in some way, maybe there would be some to take him seriously.  Instead, he wants scientists to blindly accept that he can invent a device which will violate the laws of thermodynamics!  Of course, Mr. Clay blindly believes he can invent such a device which is why he offers no theorem to show why he is so convinced. He is convinced without any scientific basis at all. At best, his magnets are fool's gold.  At worse, Mr. Clay is unbelievably egotistical and his arrogance knows no bounds.  Again, there are no reasons provided for the readers of the article to take Mr. Clay seriously. In fact, where is the “news” in that article?  The article is simply filled with double standards and with Mr. Clay's lofty and unsubstantiated claims. Indeed, if the Times Free Press or even the reporter took Mr. Clay seriously, they would have mentioned doing a follow-up or future update on this major story.  People would be wanting to stay up to date on this since Mr. Clay is apparently so close to inventing a device which would provide an endless supply of energy - since it seems to work on paper.

It is stated in the article that on paper, at least, his device appears to work. This would be the case, of course, since the paper excludes the operation of the laws of thermodynamics.  This is the very same reason that to input his prototype parameters into a computer simulation would show the problems with such a device - assuming that the computer is left alone to render a simulation which respects the laws of thermodynamics.

A perpetual motion machine which would produce more useable power than it consumes is sheer fantasy.  Such a device which TURNS NOTHING INTO SOMETHING – is a very ancient notion and which modern science has proven to be fallacious and which even defies common sense. Ultimately, Mr. Clay's magnets are not going to turn nothing into a bunch of money for him. Reality is super-physically infinite which ultimately means there is no such thing as "nothing".  The religious & philosophical fallacy of "nothing" is proven through the laws of thermodynamics and the reason the laws of thermodynamics exist in the first place - reality exists infinitely and there is no such thing as nothing! Instead, science observes that matter and energy change; never destroyed or created.

Perhaps, one day, his gyroscopic apparatus (if he were to actually ever build it) will become a dusty old trophy and tribute to the simple engineer he says he is. Maybe it can serve as a reminder to him that just maybe there are people who pass his way in life who are at least as intelligent as he believes himself to be. Maybe if he humbles himself to the opinions he has asked from others, he will be better able to learn from them.  Currently, according to that Times Free Press article, he rejects and is standing defiantly against modern science and some of today's established scientists and scientific institutions even while approaching them for their knowledge and opinions!  Tad arrogant?

So my advice is to be cautious of anyone who tells you that they have a device they can sell you which offers you an unlimited supply of power.

John Wilson
Chattanooga, Tennessee


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