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In taking pictures of merchandise (clothes etc.) to feature in an online store, can you tell me what are 5 to 10 ways to make the image of the clothes / accessories appear clearer and high quality.
Can you refer me to any books or guides that can teach me how to make average merchandise look high quality via photographic techniques.

The best way to make clothes or other merchandise look good is to photograph it with a very pretty model. The model takes attention away from the product but creates a sense of high quality around the items..

Also work with a make-up artist and a clothes fitter. They can help make the clothing look good.

There are no books that really go into this topic. They are either about photographing models with emphasis on faces and bodies, or they are about shooting objects, like my book Photographing Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles. My book tells you a lot about photographing all sorts of things like clothing and jewelry and pottery etc... although I am not sure if it will be specific to your need  


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