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I have a photograph of a glass or crystal chalice. It is etched with flowers & vines. The matte is brown & has the title [Exercise in light] & the artists name [Jim Morrison]. My question is who is the artist & is there any info on the artist or photograph. I would send a picture but I dont wanna get banned for copyright violation but under the limitations on exclusive rights I'm able to use the image for educational purposes. Which I'm tryin to learn about the photograph. Let my know if you want pictures of the title & signature or pictures of the photo itself.

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. I'm afraid I can't help very much.I haven't heard of 'Jim Morrison". There may be an Encyclopaedia of Artists in your country which you could check. Alternatively, you can try websites such as, which does reproductions of Art. Auction houses such as Sotheby's or Christies may have some reference material.They will certainly be able to help you more.
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