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Hi Tim,
I am looking to start taking some photos in my home in a home studio. I am looking to buy the necessary equipment but am not sure where to start. I've been taking outdoor photos for sometime now, but would like to try out a studio.

I currently have a Canon Rebel XS, 18-55mm lens, 50mm lens, and an external flash/speedlight. I found this on Amazon and was wondering if it had all the necessary equipment I need to get started:

I saw that I need to buy clamps as well as maybe a few other backdrops or props, but other than that is there anything else I need? I'm going to be taking photos of my kids to start off practicing. What about things like a softbox or reflector disc, or wireless trigger? Or maybe another lens?

Thank you so much for your help!

Congratulations on your decision to take your photography to another level.
I looked at the link you sent me and that is a nice starter kit, but I would strongly recommend you try to find a three light system. It may cost a bit more, but I know you will want that third light down the road and will be looking at another system. The camera and lenses you have will work great, but you may also want to get a 75mm and/or a 100mm fixed focal length lens. Fixed focal will give you more light. The soft box and reflector disc are nice options, but you will definitely need and appreciate a light meter. The wireless trigger will also be nice if you are working with kids. Also get yourself a slave trigger for your external flash and a tripod to mount it on. Now that I write this I see that you can use this flash as your third strobe if you have a slave. You may want to find a mini umbrella for it.
Lastly, get yourself a good book on studio flash setups and go out and have fun.
Enjoy yourself
Tim (the husband)


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