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Hi Richard!
I am looking to start taking some photos in my home in a home studio. I am looking to buy the necessary equipment but am not sure where to start. I've been taking outdoor photos for sometime now, but would like to try out a studio.
I currently have a Canon Rebel XS, 18-55mm lens, 50mm lens, and an external flash/speedlight. I found this on Amazon and was wondering if it had all the necessary equipment I need to get started:

I saw that I need to buy clamps as well as maybe a few other backdrops or props, but other than that is there anything else I need? I'm going to be taking photos of my kids to start off practicing. What about things like a softbox or reflector disc, or wireless trigger? Or maybe another lens?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Erin,

It is kind of hard to answer this question without knowing you and your budget and all but I will give it a shot.

Going by your camera and choice of lighting equipment there, I can see you are not investing in professional quality equipment so I will take it you want to keep your budget low so I will go from there.

That kit may be okay if you are trying to buy the very least to get by on but it is very low quality and you may not get very good results with it.  

If I were you, I would go to and look around there.  They offer some low budget kits that are superior to what Amazon is offering in that kit for good prices. B&H is a professional store but they offer some quality beginners equipment that will give good results.


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