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Hi Barry,
I am looking to start taking some photos in my home in a home studio. I am looking to buy the necessary equipment but am not sure where to start. I've been taking outdoor photos for sometime now, but would like to try out a studio.
I currently have a Canon Rebel XS, 18-55mm lens, 50mm lens, and an external flash/speedlight. I found this on Amazon and was wondering if it had all the necessary equipment I need to get started:

I saw that I need to buy clamps as well as maybe a few other backdrops or props, but other than that is there anything else I need? I'm going to be taking photos of my kids to start off practicing. What about things like a softbox or reflector disc, or wireless trigger? Or maybe another lens?

Thank you so much for your help

there is many different kinds of studio photography. I assume you are going to do portraiture as you referenced your children as you first subjects.
Before buying anything I would first make some basic decisions. Where is your studio going to be located? Inside the home, garage, basement or outside? The choice can determine some of the equipment you might or might not want to buy.
Family portraits or individuals? Event portraiture? Groups? These are also decisions that will help to determine where you studio is located and what equipment you might or might not want or need.
The basic equipment you referenced in your query seemed good enough to start with, although you most likely will need a longer lens at some point for what is called a 'head' shot. This is a portrait of one or two people from the neck up. These kinds of images are used by models, actors, businesses and business organizations. Usually this lens if an eighty-five mm lens but can be anywhere from a seventy to one hundred and twenty mm lens. Your fifty mm lens is not used very often in portraiture but please don't throw it out or forget about it because it can be handy for alternative perspectives when in strange or difficult situations. I would also experiment with your external flash before buying any additional costly flash equipment. The more you know about what light does or does not do the better off you are. There are times when your equipment just will not work and you have to find a way to take the images without any or your expensive do-dads!!!!!
Get a good book on portraiture or find someone to study under. You will find (in my opinion) that besides the study of light, the study or the human face is complex and takes practice and more practice. It is great that we can do this now digitally instead of having to take the time to process film and make prints to see what the camera sees. Almost always this is different than what you see in the viewfinder.
I hope this helps.


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