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Dear Steve‎‎‎

1. Are there cameras available from sony, kodak, samsung etc which can accept and store both image media in roll (cartridge) as well as on memory card (digital camera) ?.

i.e. Film roll cartridges as well as memory card installed in the camera.

There will be two modes of operation with a Mode Operation button
on the camera.

Clicking on Mode operation button will allow the photographer to
select two image storage media. A. Digital B. Film Roll.

if photographer selects option A then takes a photo, the image will be recorded on the memory card, if photographer selects option B  

2. Do you feel this type of camera which can accept both types of
media can be useful to photographers and other consumers  ?.

3. Technically, is it feasible (complexity) to manufacture these
type of camera product ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

To start with it is not a very sensible idea. I do not see who your market would be. Few people are interested in film photography anymore and those who are, do not like digital cameras at all. They buy and use film cameras. What is gained by combining the two?

Why would you want to take both film and digital at the same time anyway? For most people they only want pictures for the web. For those who want prints large dSLRs work just fine OR for some folks, they continue to use film.

It makes no sense too for consumers just in terms of cost. One of the big attractions of smartphones and digital cameras is that once you have one you do not face other expenses. No large film,processing and print costs.

Consider too that even a simple digital camera can take hundreds of images and store them on a single memory card where film is limited to 12,24 or 36 exposure rolls. Seems you would run out of film exposures long before you are even were a fraction of the way through a filling a memory card.

How would you decide when to use film or digital? And why?

Also there are technical issues like film transport and sensor positioning. It would take a very interesting system to put both a frame of film and a CMOS sensor in the same place to
take the same photo.

And a mechanism with this capability would be expensive to make and rather too heavy.

And what about lenses? Sensors are not the same size as film frames in general and so a 28mm wide angle lens for film acts more like a 50mm lens in digital. So the same lense wouldn't even give the same image. And roll film would be far crazier.

There are lots of problems and the result of all your work would be a dinosaur which sadly not enough people would be interested in to make the project worthwhile.

So unless you can show me a great reason for doing this and building a dual function camera  I'd suggest you go have a cup of tea, relax and think of other things to do.


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