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Dear Betty‎‎‎

1. Are there cameras available from sony, kodak, samsung etc which can accept and store both image media in roll (cartridge) as well as on memory card (digital camera) ?.

i.e. Film roll cartridges as well as memory card installed in the camera.

There will be two modes of operation with a Mode Operation button
on the camera.

Clicking on Mode operation button will allow the photographer to
select two image storage media. A. Digital B. Film Roll.

if photographer selects option A then takes a photo, the image will be recorded on the memory card, if photographer selects option B  

2. Do you feel this type of camera which can accept both types of
media can be useful to photographers and other consumers  ?.

3. Technically, is it feasible (complexity) to manufacture these
type of camera product ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

I will address answering your questions by number.

1. I am not currently aware of any cameras that are able to accept and store both image media in both a film roll and a memory card.

2. This type of camera could be useful to photographers if the image were able to be recorded in a dual manner i.e. on film and memory card at the same time. This could facilitate getting the very best image possible.  However, I am not sure that the market that is now being served by digital cameras and cell phones in general would take to it.

3. I do not know if it is feasible, technically, to manufacture this type of product. This question is out of my area of expertise.

Thank you for your questions and your interest.

Betty A. Muscott  


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