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Dear Akshay‎‎‎

1. Are there cameras available from sony, kodak, samsung etc which can accept and store both image media in roll (cartridge) as well as on memory card (digital camera) ?.

i.e. Film roll cartridges as well as memory card installed in the camera.

There will be two modes of operation with a Mode Operation button
on the camera.

Clicking on Mode operation button will allow the photographer to
select two image storage media. A. Digital B. Film Roll.

if photographer selects option A then takes a photo, the image will be recorded on the memory card, if photographer selects option B  

2. Do you feel this type of camera which can accept both types of
media can be useful to photographers and other consumers  ?.

3. Technically, is it feasible (complexity) to manufacture these
type of camera product ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

You're probably only familiar with 35mm film SLRs or DSLRs that of the same form factor, offered by some of the companies you mentioned, viz. Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus etc.

1. There are no cameras available as you describe, but there are plenty of medium format cameras ( ) and large format cameras ( ) that have interchangeable backs, wherein you have the option of attaching a cartridge loaded with 120/220 film, or alternatively, attaching a digital back.

Medium format cameras were very popular among professionals before the advent of the image sensor.
They still enjoy a certain popularity today among professionals, but digital backs are quite expensive and a lot of pros opt for DSLRs made by Nikon/Canon/Sony instead.

2. I don't know about consumers, but medium format cameras with interchangeable backs are quite useful for professionals. You have the option of shooting film if you want to. Most pros would prefer using a digital back though, as film usage is becoming rare. It's still out there, but there are fewer options and it's more of a niche market.
I'm not sure how useful it would be to have this kind of mechanism on a 35mm-sized SLR/DSLR. One of the technical challenges in engineering such a camera would be having enough room to accommodate a film roll in addition to all the electronics that an image sensor needs to be coupled with.
It makes more sense for a medium format camera because the entire system is much more modular. DSLRs can't be disassembled like medium format SRLs. Medium format cameras are designed with disassembly in mind.

3. If it's a product as you're describing, well then my first instinct would be to say no. Medium format and large format cameras already offer a solution for people who want the option of shooting film as well as digital. The challenges of devising a product for smaller cameras are too daunting to make it a reality anytime soon in my opinion.  


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