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Photo image/s captured on the digital camera device has to be taken a hard copy immediately on paper roll.

1. Can Digital Camera's interface with portable printers via a USB interface cable suffice the above requirement ?. Print button on the digital camera will allow the selected image/s to print on the portable printers.

2. Are there cameras available which have a inbuilt printing facility ?.

i.e. Without connecting to a portable printer, a outlet mechanism for the camera where photo image hard copy will be available (laser printer technology) through the outlet mechanism for the selected photo image ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

Sorry about rejecting the previous question, but it was rather long and difficult to understand.
This one's pretty straight forward though!

1. Yes, there's an industry standard called PictBridge that does exactly this:

If you've ever been to the Gateway of India or Juhu beach in Mumbai, you'll see photographers that use portable printers with compact digital cameras to give you instant prints in just this manner. Some of the better-known series are Canon's Selphy models, Epson's Picturemate and HPs Photosmart series.
As long as both the camera and the printer support PictBridge, the combination should work as you describe.

2. Well, Instant Cameras like Polaroid are still available in the market and Fuji still sells film for these cameras. If you Google "Instant Camera" you'll see quite a few results.
There are also other ways to do this, at least within a studio environment or through Wi-Fi. One could set up a digital camera with an Eye-Fi card and have a computer attached to a printer print photos that are captured, although the whole setup would be tedious to devise.

Check out Eye-Fi cards here:
These cards allow you to wirelessly transfer photos taken in a camera directly to a computer without the hassle of cables.

Hope that helps.

Happy Shooting!



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