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I am a novice film photographer, and I have just recently started shooting in slide film.  I have developed several rolls of c41 film, and tri-x and hp-5 b&w at home with good results, so I am somewhat familiar with the process.  I am coming to you because you are the only one of the "experts" on photography on this site to mention the word "darkroom," which I think is as fairly important qualification, especially to my question.  One consequence of my inexperience is that when I started shooting e6 film, after several weeks of shooting 400 asa exclusively with my Pentax MX, I forgot to change the film speed on the exposure speed knob to the appropriate speed.  I have now shot three rolls of asa 50 slide film using the built- in light meter based on much, much faster film.  The instructions with my e6 chem kit (arista) explain how to push the first developer two stops, but I'm wondering if that will be enough, or if it is even possible to correct for such under exposure.  Thanks for any advice you can provide.  

Dan Humphreys

Sorry to hear about your problem.  Pushing by two stops will probably not be enough to get easily viewable results on the slide projector.  You would have to push three stops.  In either case, two or three stops, the results will likely be somewhat grainy to strongly grainy, and contrast will also be off.  That's just too far off froom normal exposure to get good results.  But you may as well try it to see what you can get.

Hope this helps!



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