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Dear Dave

Are there Products available in the market which combines the functionality of  Digital Camera and Video Projector ?.

In case not available, is it feasible to construct/manufacture this dual functionality product ?.

Do you feel there are advantages in combining both the features of Digital Camera and Video Projector in a single product ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

I receive similar "combined function" questions quite often! And in fact, Nikon does offer a model:

Nikon's claims that this is the first camera ever with a built-in projector are untrue. I remember seeing a point-and-shoot several years ago that incorporated its own projector. I think it was either a Sony or Casio. If you want to pursue that line of research, those would be two good manufacturers to look into.

Now I don't know whether these units project both stills and videos. But I have to believe that if a camera can project both stills and videos on its own LCD screen, and if it can project its stills on a wall, then it can also project its videos. However, the kind of light needed to do that over long distances would probably make this application a "close-range" tool at best.

Over the years all kinds of technologies have been combined into cameras. Around 1995, I wrote the user manual for a Polaroid camera that was the first to include an internal modem. But now, we have cameras able to transfer wirelessly using WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC. And in fact, to answer your question about the feasibility of such combinations, I'd say that the best approach these days would be to use those comm technologies to send images wirelessly to any other kind of device that can receive WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC. This would include flat-screen TVs, PCs, and other cameras... but heck, it could even include modern "digital refrigerators" that contain their own computers and LCD screens!

That seems to me to be the way of the future... rather than trying to pack other kinds of device functions into today's smaller camera bodies.

In fact, we're already going in this direction with smartphones that have increasingly capable cameras built in...along with WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC communications. So I very much fear that for most people who aren't professional photographers, digital cameras themselves may soon become "ancient relics of the past"!

Hope this answers your question, Prashant... and I see you've submitted another one. So let me take a look at it!




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