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hello sir

as you professional photographer , please can you recommend me a simple tool software for free let me change my model pictures background specially to white or other bright background ?

thanks and best regards

Hello, aob,

First, please know that I am a woman.

I am not sure such a thing exists. I use Paint Shop Pro. (Photoshop is expensive and does a lot more that you may not need,) If you put a plain colored background behind your model, it is fairly easy in PSP to make the background transparent and then put the image of your model over the background you select, and paste it there. PSP is not expensive. I think I normally pay around $60 for it. You can get old versions of PSP for free. I found many different versions on this web site: . HOWEVER, you have to be very careful of many of these sites, because sometimes they put viruses in free or cheap software. I don't know anything about this site. So I don't recommend you get the software there without a thorough investigation to see if they can be trusted. Use their URL as a search term, and see if you can turn up any complaints about their software having viruses. Yes, on the site it says it's free of viruses, but check an outside source. So please do not take my word for it. Check it out carefully first.

Please remember always, you get what you pay for. In the software business, the price of being careless is a virus on your machine.

I hope this helps.


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