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With reference to commercial photography, taking pictures of real estate and even products for advertising materials.
Is a DSLR Nikon 3200 a good camera? If not what is an affordable and good camera for this usage.

If you are just talking about taking photos of houses, mostly from the outside, yes that will do.  The camera is the least important thing.  For interiors, and photos of products, lighting and advanced knowledge of how to use it, quickly becomes the most important thing.  Buying a cheap camera will allow you to spend a couple of thousand on good lighting.  For interiors you would also want a really good ultrawide lens, such as Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, and a tripod if you are after pro quality.  If you are after more than just simple photos taken from the street, to make small images, the costs for increased quality quickly add up.  If I were shooting real estate full time, I would likely be using four or five thousand $$ worth of lighting and specialized lenses.  For simple shots, a simple camera will do.  The amera is the least important thing.

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I am an experienced outdoor photographer My knowledge base includes digital Nikons, use of flash, vintage & historical cameras, and shooting both medium format and large format film. My specialty is night photography, both with or without flash set ups. I am primarily an outdoor photographer and shoot railroads, country churches, abandoned buildings, and candid people photos. I shoot a lot of travel photos in places like Canada, Scotland, Hawaii, Iceland, and of course the Northern Plains.


Have been taking photos daily for the past 15 years, with total experience of 26 years. I have had a number of photos in magazines, including a few cover shots. I am proficient with camera gear made from the 1850s to present.

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