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With reference to commercial photography, taking pictures of real estate and even products for advertising materials.
Is a DSLR Nikon 3200 a good camera? If not what is an affordable and good camera for this usage.


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More than camera bodies, it is lenses and flashes/lighting gear that you should be thinking of spending money on.
For architectural photography, I'd advise picking up a good wide angle zoom, say the Tokina 16-28mm/2.8, or the Nikkor 14-24mm/2.8, although other cheaper zooms will also suffice. SLR Lounge has a really good comprehensive list. It's meant for "landscape" photography, but a good landscape lens will double as a good architectural lens.

BH Photo also has a great guide:

For products, I would highly recommend picking up a macro lens. The Tamron 90mm/2.8 or the Sigma 105mm/2.8 are both excellent lenses. Both are significantly cheaper than Nikon or Canon equivalents.

Finally, for either architectural or product photography, you'll also need a sturdy tripod- e.g. the Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT.

The camera body isn't as important as sharpness (lenses) or steady shots without any camera shake (tripod).

The 3200 is a good no-frills camera if you're on a tight budget. I would advise a body-only purchase (the kit lenses that they come with are terrible) with separate lens purchases.

I hope that helps! If you need any more advice or have any more questions, please feel free to post a follow-up.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the answers!
Can you recommend a good guide for knowing which lens, flashes etc. work best for different applications. Are there any weblinks that could help with this.

Hi Sam,
There are plenty, of course. The ones that I would personally recommend are (in no particular order):

1. Strobist
David Hobby's blog about lighting, gear, and flashes. I would suggest reading the "Lighting 101" section first, it's educational and extremely well articulated. Also have a look at the book section. One book you should definitely pick up if you're new to photography is Light: Science and Magic by Fil Hunter.

2. Digital Photography School
Self explanatory ;). The tips and tutorials section is quite comprehensive.

3. Cambridge in Colour
This website is a wealth of information on photographic theory if you're interested. The tutorials are very well written and explained.

4. SLR Lounge
Again, good tutorials and photography-related content. It isn't quite up there as the first three if you ask me, but the do come up with good tutorials regularly.

5. DIY Photography
You'll find a lot of resources for building your own light modifiers among tips and useful tutorials.

6. The Luminous Landscape
A fine art photography website by Michael Reichmann that digs into gear, tutorials, etc. Check out the "Understanding" series for lots of insight.

I'm sure these 6 will prove more than sufficient. There are many, many more resources, but these, in my opinion at least, are the best ones out there.

I hope that helps. Happy reading and shooting! As always, post a follow-up if you have more questions, or ask another question if its about another topic.

Warm regards,


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