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Photography/setting up temporary home photo studio


I am doing a daytime photo shoot in my living room with my new Canon PowerShot SX280 digital camera, this is for internet use and not for print so I'm using 1200x1600 pixels.

I am shooting models with various brightly colored clothes. My living room has plenty of light during the day and if it's overcast I will reschedule.

My first question is what type of easy to set up temporary backdrop to use -- would a king size bed sheet work, and if so, would black, white or some other color be better?

Secondly, are there any settings on the camera I should adjust or check for best results?


Black is OK..I don't like white.  Normally a beige or grey works best. A king sheet would work well if it's not white. The light does not reflect or absorb much with those two colors.  If it's overcast, you can adjust your exposure or use simple fill flash.  The ISO capability of the new cameras is astounding so available light is always an option.  As far as settings...depends on whether you want great depth of field or very little.  I would use f/8 or less so everything is in focus.

Hope this helps.



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