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Hello Barry!
I have travelled quite a bit but have only used a very bad digital camera and my iPhone camera. The digital camera has broken and I would like to get another but of better quality. My question is.. what would a nice simple camera be for a beginner taking pictures of people and landscapes? I've heard that Interchangeable Lens Cameras are easy to use but maybe a DSLR would be better? A Point and shoot would be nice but since I want better quality I am thinking of a DSLR.
Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

I apologize for taking so long to respond.
I would agree that a DSLR is a good choice. Now which brand. I believe that all of the major brands of DSLR cameras are good to start with, I also believe that is you are going to be taking photos for the rest of your life  you want to buy into a brand that will be around for a while and that you can get better with as you technique and vision gets better. Therefore, I would recommend buying a Canon or Nikon to start with. The first thing I would do is go to a store that a selection of several different brands so that you hold different ones and get a 'feel' for each of them. You are going to be holding and carrying this instrument around so you want to be comfortable with is taking pictures for also in many other situations that you might find yourself in on vacation of just around the house. Many of the brands offer a special 'beginners' package if not all the time at least at certain times of the year usually consisting of a camera body and a zoom lens. They also come with a strap and many times with the battery and the battery charger. You most likely will have to buy the other important item which is the digital media the camera uses to store the images on. Depending on how many images and what quality images you want to shoot you will decide on how big your 'card' will be. I have multiple cards because when I am downloading one card I can be shooting with another one or if I have multiple cameras I can be shooting both of them successively without having to download the images once the card is full. You will get a lot of information from the salesman. Take everything with a grain of salt as they are there to sell. It might help to have a friend or relative come with you who all ready has a camera and can tell you some of the positives and negatives they have encountered with their own camera. That way you might also be able to use your friend or relatives' camera to see if it works for you. But make sure you try some other ones to compare. You might find you like two or three brands close enough so that the price makes the choice for you. Since you are going digital, you will also have to have a computer or other digital hardware to display and / or manipulate your images with; to share them with others and organize them. Well, I guess this is alot to read in one sitting so have fun finding and buying your new camera.


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