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Hi Ken,

I have a quick question that has to do with finding a venue and the costs. A very well known artists who is a friend of mine wants to sumbit my work to a well known magazine and wants to exhibit me at a gallery. He says I need a venue to get exposure. We are suppose to be working on the project soon but I am curious do you have to pay the venue for a gallery exhibit? Or are there agents that do the booking? Not entirely sure how it works. I know this artist has a lot of connections and his work is seen around the city, just want to learn in advanced how to book a venue for an event without spendings thousands??

Hello Aliso,

Thank you for your question. You actually have issues, one is submitting your work to a magazine and the other is to have en exhibition of your work. For submitting your work to the publisher of the magazine, you do not need to exhibit your work. You can do this yourself by simply following the submittable procedures of the publisher and pretty much that's it. If they want to use your work, they will enter into a contractual agreement at that point. They may require using an agent for this, it depends on the publisher.

As far as exhibiting your work, this is normally handled by a PR person or agent for larger exhibitions. For smaller one's, you, the artist, would work directly with the gallery owner to put together the exhibit. If you want to have your own private exhibit, not through a gallery, you will have to pay for everything.

My recommendation would be to work through a smaller gallery that is interested in promoting your work so they can sell it for profit. You're cost should then be only your time and a pore negotiated price to the gallery for your work. Everything would be consignment based so if something does not sell, their is no cost to the gallery owner. Their expense would be the gallery overhead and promotional costs. If this is does not work for you, try promoting your work through the web at different site where you can sell your work, facebook, instragram and your own web site. Whatever you do, try to keep your expenditures to a minimum.

Hope this answers your question.

KGR Photography


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