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Photography/Digital Camera with internal microphone and speaker.


QUESTION: Dear Akshay

Do you feel that it can add value to the digital Camera with a internal microphone and speaker integrated?.


ANSWER: Dear Prashant,

Sure. Both my DSLRs (Nikon D750, D90) have internal microphones and speakers. I use them for recording videos occasionally.
Truth be told however, the microphone picks up too much background noise. While this is easily corrected using software, a good external mic is always a better option. But it's functional and does the job.

I find the speaker useful for playing back videos I've recorded to check quality etc. The speaker also aids in autofocus confirmation, making "beep" sounds as an aural affirmation that focus has been achieved.

Beyond that, I can't think of any uses, but those are value enough for me, personally.

Happy shooting,


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QUESTION: Dear Akshay


Can we add a voice which we added by the microphone and integrate with the Still images captured by the digital Camera?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Dear Prashant,

Not any more. There were cameras that allowed making audio annotation notes while capturing still images as you describe, but practically nobody use the feature.

The Canon SD series of cameras (e.g. Canon SD1000) allowed for this, as did the Canon Powershot G9. Both are now fairly old models.
One of the reasons it didn't work so well was because you had to use Canon's software, which was reportedly not the best.  

There's no way of integrating sound and still images together so that it's all in one single file that I know of.

Happy shooting,



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