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Photography/Newbie question.



I have a nikon d3100.

I'm learning to do panorama because I think it is really neat!!

I have read a few tutorials, and some suggest shooting in portrait versus landscape.

My question is ....... I can't figure out how to shoot in portrait. Is there an option or a setting somewhere?

I tried to just turn my camera to the side and do it that way but when I load the images into photoshop to put them together, it does not work.

THX :)

Most will shoot in landscape as panorama suggests landscape.  If it doesn't work, it may be a limitation of the camera.  Read through your manual.  When first starting, I'd stick with landscape.  Master that then move on, don't try to do too much at once.  Master one thing at a time.  It makes your life easier and with less stress.

Good luck


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