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Dear Akshay

Is it possible to protect photo images in the digital Camera with a password?.


Hi Prashant,

If by 'protect' you mean 'prevent from being overwritten', then the answer is yes, but not with a password. Most memory cards come equipped with a write protection switch. When this switch is flipped, the card becomes read-only.

Most cameras will also allow protection from accidental erasure with a dedicated button (as with Nikon) or through the menu (Canon).
Once you've gone through the process, an icon with a key appears on the screen when you're reviewing the protected image, to indicate that it can't be deleted.

There is no way of doing this in-camera with a password.

I hope that answers your question.

Happy shooting!

P.S. You added a similar additional question right after this one about video and camcorders, which I had to reject. While not strictly the same question, it has a similar answer: camcorder recording devices, whether tapes or cards, also have write-protection switches. I don't know of any that provide a protection to individual video clips like still cameras do. DSLRs can protect video files in the same way that they protect images.


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