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Photography/shadow in corner using flash in low light


I'm an amateur who shoots items at close range indoors for my business with a Canon digital camera. Sometimes I need to shoot in the evening and use the flash, and the photos have this annoying shadow in one corner. Any idea what is causing this or how to prevent it?

From your attached photo, I think you mean that you see a reflection of your flash in the photo?  The easiest way to remedy this is to aim the flash unit up, halfway toward the ceiling, if your flash unit has adjustable angle.  That way, the light will come from a different direction, and will not show up as a reflection in the photo (if the effect is not completely eliminated on the first try, then try some different angles of the flash unit).  

If the flash is mounted to your camera and its angle is not adjustable, then you'll need to turn off that flash and use a separate flash unit that is off to the side, and connected to your camera so that the camera will still control the flash.

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