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Physical Rehabilitation Medicine/Rehab for 12 year old athlete with minor wrist fracture


skilgore wrote at 2013-01-30 22:18:29
For anyone reading this in future, my son had a buckle fracture from lacrosse at age 13, and after the cast came off five weeks later, his arm was quite weak and the site of the fracture was very tender.  This lasted a surprisingly long time.  Be prepared for the time to regain strength even after the doc says he or she is good to go.  We are now facing a buckle fracture in the other arm at age 15, this time from skiing, but lacrosse season is right around the corner . . . hoping this fracture is not as bad as the last!

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I am fully licensed physical therapist. I can answer any questions in regards to all areas of orthopeadic (such as post surgical hip/knee replacements) and neurological conditions (such as MS, stroke, spinal cord, nerve palsy). My special interests are female health, rehab of neurological conditions such as stroke and spinal cord, muscular anatomy and hand therapy. In my former life, I was studying to become a doctor but chose physiotherapy as I related more to people through teaching and spending more 1:1 therapy. Legally, I am not allowed to diagnose a medical condition or prescribe drugs but with my background, I may point you in the right direction of what health care professional you may need to seek or work with.


Teaching assistant for muscular anatomy Queen's University clinical physiotherapist in two orthopedic clinics physiotherapist on the neurological floor at St. John's Rehab Hospital


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