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Mr. Bandara
I pulled MCLs in both my knees two years ago. They are still not fully healed.
I have noticed that any exercise that puts weight on my knees leaves them sore, while something like swimmimg or biking actually relieves the pain.
Why is that? Is the weightless peddling motion stretching them back out or something?
I am 53 and healing is slow for some people according to my doctor. When and if can I expect full recovery?
Also, do you know anything about the herb 'cissus quadrangelis' for ligament and tendon healing?

Dear Barry,
When the MCL is damaged your knee will be unstable. It tends to be damage more if the weight goes wrong way through your knee joint. So you have to know the percentage of your MCL's damage. But anyhow you have to strength your Quadriceps muscle by that you can get the more stability of your affected knee joint and may give the relief too.

The CQ you have mentioned here is used by Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka. They believe that gives faster healing for fractures. But I dont think it gives any help to heal the tendons and ligaments.

Thank you.  

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