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I know you can't diagnose online but I am looking for a bit of advice.
I went to the Dr. about a year ago because of shoulder pain.  I have it from time to time, the shoulder that causes me problems is "high" because I have scoliosis.  Seems to get worse in the cold weather and around PMS time when it acts up. A year or so ago when I went to the Dr. he took an x-ray and nothing showed up.  I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with a specialist.
What is going on now is it again hurts and it pops and I have a numb or almost burning feeling under my arm and on my chest. Sometimes it goes down into my arm and hand.  
What can I do for the discomfort to get me by?  Does this sound like a pinched nerve? I have had my husband rub cream on it and I have taken some ibuprofen, if it helps it is very minimal.  My neck on both sides hurt too. Thanks.

You likely have a nerve compression somewhere in your neck and/or pectoralis minor muscle.  The nerves that go into your arm pass through a series of small muscles in your neck, under your collarbone and 1st cervical rib, under your pectoralis minor, and then into your armpit.  You more than likely need physical therapy to correct muscle imbalance problems in your upper quarter.  It's very common and likely doesn't need any surgical intervention...if surgery is suggested be VERY careful what you're doing.  Most surgeons stay away from cutting on this part of the body due to the sensitive structures involved (i.e. nerves) that could become damaged.

Go see a specialist and see an experienced physical therapist.  Good luck!!!

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