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I've been working out for 5 years and I got end of right Clavicle bone slowly popping out front for passed 2 years from working out from my chest. I knew it slowly popping out but I was subjective because I just feel light pain until last 3 week I feel my right head of clavicle bone slide out more that I can feel clearly on that day. I didn't feel too pain but pain. Since that day I just feel like my scalene bone joint is not as smooth as usual and pain specially I can see my right clavicle bone is started to rotate. It's been 3 weeks now I feel something always there and bothering me with light pain, seems like inflammation.  
Mr. Neville base on my situation. Is the ligament just stretch or tear? Can my SC joint ligament heal event thought the head of clavicle is displacement? And How long does it approximately take to heal? Can my clavicle will go back to place when the ligament is heal and stronger again? Should I completely rest on my arm or should I still do some light activities?    
Thank your very much for your time and your knowledge.

Could be stretched OR torn.  Could be a partial or complete tear...probably a partial if torn.  Healing time of a ligament is approximately 12 weeks without stress.  Not sure about whether the clavicle will go back into place because that would depend on the level of damage which would really only be seen on an MRI.  I'd rest the arm until you are pain-free.  Then strengthen the chest and shoulders as tolerated...NO PAIN.  Also, if you are doing bench press etc then do not bring the weights all the way to your chest.  That will only stretch the ligament further.  Do strengthening but with limited range of motion and always pain and pop-free.  

I hope this helps.

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