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Broke my shoulder 9/11/2013.  I am still in great pain.  Had MRI 11/15/2013.  My fallow up apt was supposed to be on 11/26/2013. I have canceled my apt. Requested release form for my MRI .. I want a second opinion.  Dr. ordered MRI to make sure I did not have any soft tissue damage.  My pain has been extreme.  Called office 11/20/2013, wanted to know what the results were from MRI.  Dr.'s asst. called me , said I had some soft tissue tearing and bruising... She then stated Dr. requested MRI to make sure my rotator cuff was not damaged. No mention of rotator cuff never occured? I explained that I was still in great pain, unable to work.  I was told I should be feeling fine, most people by this point in my recovery feel fine.  I do not feel fine.  I also have severe osteoporosis.  I have no idea if that would effect my healing.  She offered me a few Tramadol HCL 50 mg.  1 every 6 hrs. for pain.  They do not help, at all.  Can't sleep at night due to my pain.  Have you had patients who heal slower than other's?

Everyone heals differently. Some fast and some slow. If you have a history of arthritis you are predisposed to longer healing times.

The rotator cuff is a bundle of muscles that stabilize the shoulder. Muscles and tendons are considered "soft tissue". It's basically wording. I'd recommend a second opinion and having them review all of your films. They may want you to try therapy first to see if that helps before considering surgery. Ask around your area about who is the best shoulder md. When you hear the same name come up over and over go see that person.  

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I can answer questions about both conservative and post-operative rehabilitation for UPPER extremity injuries. These include but are not limited to: fractures, tendon repairs, tendon transfers, nerve repairs, lacerations, tenolysis procedures, TFCC injuries, repetitive motion disorders, reconstructive procedures. I have an advanced knowledge of UPPER extremity anatomy and industrial rehabilitation. I have extensive splinting skills for injuries to the upper extremity. Although not a physician or a surgeon I have worked closely with world renowned upper extremity specialists for over 10 years. I can give general information on what some of the most common upper extremity surgeries involve. I can reference those procedures as well. PLEASE DON'T ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NECK, SHOULDER, ARM/HAND. I'M NOT QUALIFIED AND KNOW ABSOLUTELY ZERO ABOUT BACKS/HIPS/KNEES/ANKLES/ETC. THANK YOU!!!


10+ years working closely with orthopedic and hand surgeons and their patients. I have treated patients with small lacerations to major reconstructive procedures. My knowledge base includes both conservative and post-operative rehab protocols and care for upper extremity injuries. I have treated patients all the way from day 1 post-op to return-to-work status.

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