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I met with an accident 4 years back and diagnosed with nothing. With time, I start having pain in knee and feel difficulty in walking especially in winters.

Now as condition worsen and I am diagnosed with tear in lateral and medial meniscus in right leg knee (after MRI).Doctor suggested surgery to remove/repair or cut meniscus. They are not sure what they will do. they told me they will do what is appropriate after orthoscopy. I do not want to go for surgery. Please suggest any exercise, food, diet, medicine or any other thing by which I can get this meniscus repaired without surgery. I am 30 years old.

Dear Himanshu,
There is no any solution if the menisci have been damage other than surgery since your both have gone. Exercises will not be give the permanent solution. after Arthroscopy doctors would decide how the surgery is done. Sometimes they may shave the damaged menisci while doing the Artheroscopy. After you can do the exercises. So my advice also a surgery.
Thank you.  

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