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Physical Rehabilitation Medicine/medial epicondyle avulsion fx w ORIF


My son is an outfielder for a travelling baseball team and underwent an ORIF of his medial epicondyle after an avulsion injry playing dodge ball.  I can't find much on the rehab for this type of injury.  I'm a PT and am trying to find out what will dictate his return to batting/playing in the outfield.  Cast comes off tomorrow and I found a rehab for thrower's elbow by Kevin Wilk, PT that I plan to try to utilize as a guideline, but, really, there is just not anything out there for healing time and safe throwing time.  The ORIF was a single screw.  Surgeon stated there was not much soft tissue damage.  Just looking for any insight you might have/experience with growth plate injuries and return to playing status.  Any ideas where to look for more info or whose brain to pick is greatly appreciated as well.  Thanks.   Also, my hip...naw just kidding!  Love your disclaimer about lower extemity stuff!

HA!  Glad you liked that.  I get people all the time asking "hey I had a hernia and...."  I'm like umm did ya not read my profile?!

Ok, I would take things VERY slowly.  That bone will be healed in about 6 weeks if he's between 16-25.  Especially if it's screw fixation.  Go with a progressive strengthening program that incorporates isometric followed by isotonic strengthening of the flexor carpi ulnaris.  This muscle puts a tremendous amount of stress to the medial epicondyle.  Also if it's intra-articular you want to be careful.  At the same time you're doing the FCU strengthening do some scapular strengthening to take the stress off of the bone.  I would work a lot on that.

Then progress to throwing by using graded weight from just making the motion to using a tennis ball, then a baseball etc.  It all depends on pain.  If he has pain, he's going too fast and slow down.

I'm not a throwing expert.  But as you know, therapy is simply graded stress to the tolerance of tissue/bone.  If you find something similar to the above I'd go with it.

Good luck!

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