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My dad had an injury in his hand from working out improperly with some gym equipment. For 3 days he ignored it then finally went into see a doctor. They ended up doing surgery and giving him alot of medicine to keep infection out.

So this was back in dec it's april and he feels his hand isn't recovering fast enough, he stopped doing the physiotherapy exercises they gave him because he was sick of them but I think that was stupid they were just hand exercises nothing hard. Now he says he is in pain again and went to see a specialist in hand medicine that can perform some surgery to remove scar tissue. Seriously though they cut from the bottom wrist to like middle of his lower arm doesn't that take longer than 3 months to really show improvement. He is nuts if you ask me thinking of another surgery so soon.

Well I'm not sure.  First of all immediate therapy after surgery is often indicated for certain injuries.  It sounds like the follow-up surgery is a tenolysis in which scar tissue is removed mainly from gliding tendons.  Usually this surgery is performed 3-6 months after the prior surgery.

It's difficult for me to tell from the info but it seems like a legit call.  If you are on the fence about it go to and find another board certified hand surgeon.  Get their opinion and then go with their recommendation.  Just make sure they are board certified...that could turn into a mess without the right person doing the surgery.

Good luck!

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