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I was wondering if you had any ideas that would save me more surgery.
I have a very bad hip, which I have been on crutches the last 5 years. I just completed
My last surgery(hopefully the last ). My problem is during the last 5 hip surgeries I could
Not be weight bearing at all. This last fall, my shoulders started to act up. I received a cortisone
Shot in each arm. Worked great. After the last surgery in November, the shoulders were terrible
I have tried Pt, and another round of cortisone shots but it has not worked. My pt said I need to get off crutches which will not be for another couple of months. I am not overweight. So could you give me your opinion what are my options other than surgery! I would rather stay away from surgery as I have had 6 surgeries in the last 6 years:) thank you and I will try to enclose mri report.

Dear Deb,
If you can please tell me the past history of your injury and your age. And here you have attached your MRI report but unfortunately I cant see it. not clear. So pl attach it in to my E mail and send me if you can.

thank you.  

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