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Hi. My son who is 11, hyperextended and dislocated his elbow during a wrestling match in January. It was put back in place within minutes. X-rays showed no fractures. It looked really bent and just not normal. We made weekly visits to an orthopedic surgeon and he did PT for 4 weeks. They said in April he was released to all activities but wrestling. To me it still looked abnormal, but who am I? And if you asked my son how it felt, he always pointed to his elbow where it looked funky and said ok, but if i touch here or bump it, it one visit i asked about an mri and the dr said he didn't think it was necessary. He really hadn't done much of anything until this week which has made it 7 1/2 months since the injury. He was tackled in football yesterday and immediately lost feeling in his arm for a few minutes, and it was swollen. I took him to his pcp because the Ortho dr was off. He ordered an x-ray which showed something so they ordered a ct scan which showed he has a few bone chips. 1 being new the others old. Now we are referred to an pediatric orthopedic surgeon. What should I expect? How were the old chips not seen in 3 prior x-rays? Will he ever be ok to play contact sports again? Just want to prepare myself as to things I should ask. Thanks a bunch

First off I'm sorry for the delay!  Ok, the good news is that young kids heal fast. With or without surgical intervention. The bad news is he's probably going to have surgery again due to the likely risk of nerve injury (probably the ulnar nerve) to the extremity. I wouldn't be surprised.

I would ONLY take him to a board certified hand surgeon. Go to and search your area. Then call around to physical therapy clinics in your area and ask them who they recommend. Then go with the name you hear the most. The above is very important. I could tell you bad stories about general orthopedists and they're outcomes.

Let me know how it goes!!!!  

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