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Left knee injury after 5 days
Left knee injury after  
Hi Rachel, I fell off my road bike (whilst doing 24mph) 5 days ago hitting my left knee on the kerb/verge. I sustained a puncture wound which resulted in 3 stitches & a considerable amount of road rash that was scrubbed clean. The wound subsequently became in infected but it is responding well to antibiotics.

I have been resting, icing & elevating my knee but have no idea what else or when I should start to improve mobility. I am currently unable to bend the knee, when I stand there is considerable pain, predominantly below & on the knee, as well as an increase in swelling. I am also getting lots of ache in my quad.  An X-ray showed no break but I'm a triathlete & wondered if you could give me some advice about rehab? I don't want to just sit & rest when mobility is the key. Also I have a large area of redness towards the back of the knee & sensation is quite different to my non- injured knee. Is this normal or could this indicate nerve damage?

Many thanks

Dear Jane,
Ouch! That's my response to the picture.  Did you have toe clips on at the time you struck your knee?  That would add in more complications.

Good news is no fracture.  You still traumatized your knee joint.  The cartilage and ligaments at the knee may have been strained as well.

It would take an MRI to show if you tore a meniscus...that won't show on an x-ray.  You can take a few weeks (2-4) to slowly work back to some bending.  Let pain be a guide.  However, that being said you are a triathlete and that takes overcoming a certain amount of pain regularly.  So believe your body's signals that tell you to go slowly.

You may also need some help from a PT to gently help the kneecap regain the extra glide patterns called accessory joint mobility as part of recovering.

I am not sure about the altered sensation you are having in the back of the knee.  If there is anything that feels urgent to you, respect that and follow up with a PT or a doc.  Follow up if the knee isn't progressing in 4 weeks.  Otherwise give it some time to lose the swelling and ease back into motion.

Good luck and healing.

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