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 I am 43 year old male, 1.90m, weighing 125 kg's. Throughout my twenties and early thirties I was in good shape. Then I stopped exercising for a few years and became overweight. My injury occurred when I started exercising again two years ago.

 The pain I feel is located in my left knee, on the inner/front side. If you picture a frontal view of the left knee, it is to the left and to the bottom of the kneecap (at 8 '0 clock, so to speak). It's not deep inside the knee, but rather at the surface. It's not the kneecap itself, but I think it is a ligament. Also, it was never swollen or red, or anything like that. You cannot see the injury from the outside.

 The injury happened when I was doing a inner thigh stretch. To describe this stretch: it's when you stand feet wide apart, you keep one leg straightened, and you bend the other knee, all the way down, as if you were doing a squat. These stretches use to be easy for me, so I guess I was doing them a bit too enthusiastically. At one point I was stretching my left leg this way (bending the right leg) and a burning sensation started, and very quickly became unbearable.
 Now, whenever I try this stretch, the burning pain comes up very quickly, even when I don't do a full stretch.

 I've tried to avoid these kind of stretches, but every once in a while I am curious to see if the pain is still there, and sure enough it is. Just a mild stretch can cause the pain to occur.

 I have also stopped exercising for 6 months, to give it total rest. But recently I have taken up exercising again, and the pain has not gone away.

 Just to be clear, I can do squats, or lunges, or jogging, or karate-kicks ... no problem, I don't feel any pain. But when I want to work on my mobility, and do this inner thigh stretch, or certain yoga poses, the burning pain is immediate and intense.   

 So my question is, are any restorative exercises I can do to make this pain go away?

 Thank you so much

Dear Rob,
You have given very clear description about your injury. I considered all and came to a decision that most probably you having lateral meniscal tear of your left knee joint.may not be an extensive damage. Anyhow that we have to clear. If you go to a physio just manually check and get an idea whether you having that or not.
If so you have to stop that stretching exercise. You do static quadriceps exercise and start walking gradually. Don't start with heavy exercises but start with light exercises.
Thank you  

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