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Hi Mark!

Some time ago, I sprained my ankle in Boot Camp for the Air Force. Ever since then I've sprained it a few more times, including tonight. What do you recommend to make sure this NEVER happens again? My ankle feels like it has never and will never heal, just allow me to roll it time and time again. Thanks for your help!


Andrew, you need to do a lot of strengthening of the muscles around the ankle.  This includes doing 4-way ankle theraband exercises ( balance exercises.  Start balancing on your bad ankle on stable ground, 3 times 1 minute, then standing on a pillow, then an uneven surface like a mini-tramp.

If you are spraining the ankle repeatedly over a short time period, consider wearing a lace-up ankle brace (ASO style) to help the ankle joint stiffen up and then work to stretch it out after it has healed.

Hope this helps.

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