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I felt a pain in my upper right arm lifting weights. Ortho Dr. Believed it to be a Rotator cuff tear. I attempted MRI but sever claustrophobia prohibited that. Physical therapist offered  very very basic exercises. Felt more for an elderly patient. I am 56.
I found a comprehensive resistance band strengthening video on YouTube. I have complete mobility and very little pain. Usually a periodic dull pain at night.
My goal is to light strength train with ex. Hammer strength type equipment.
I really want to start light work now in conjunction with resistance bands.
What are your thoughts.

Go slow.  It sounds like it might be bicipital tendonitis or something to that effect if it has gotten better with time.  Maybe not...just guessing.  Bands are great, move into weights slowly.  Biggest advice, avoid severe extension at the shoulder.  For example, if performing a bench press...don't allow the bar to touch your chest or come down too far.  This will stress the anterior part of your shoulder and cause problems.

Biggest thing is go slow.  Most people strengthen their chests, arms, etc.  Pay more attention to your back and scapular stabilizers.

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