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I would appreciate it if you could respond to the following two questions.

What is the implication of bowing of the rod and screw seen on an x-ray 8 weeks after surgery to repair a Comminuted fracture right below the femoral neck? My husband is 58.

My husband is experiencing significant knee pain which makes even partial weight bearing difficult.  The x-ray didn't show obvious problems with the knee but did show the bowing described above. My husband's healing is slower than expected so the doctor does not want to do an MRI yet.  He is afraid that the micro movements from an MRI would interfere with his healing. What are the possible causes of the knee pain?

Thank you

Dear Roxy,
First one is confused.
Possible causes for the knee pain are,
1.Arthritis- Painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints
2.Bursitis- Inflammation of a bursa
3.Tendonitis- Inflammation of a tendon, most commonly from overuse but also from infection or rheumatic disease
4.Bakers cyst- A benign swelling of the semimembranous bursa found behind the knee joint.
Chondromalacia patelle- Inflamation of the patello femoral joint.
5. Injury to the ligaments.(ACL,PCL,MCL,LCL etc)

So by the investigations it must be found the cause.

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