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About a year ago I cut my left fore finger pretty seriously. The cut extended diagonally down the finger from just above the first knuckle (nearest to the nail) to just above the middle knuckle, angling left to right. The cut was deep from a band saw. I received stiches immediately and after the cut healed I went to see a specialist. At that time it was recommended that go to rehab to get the finger bending properly. For various reasons I was unable to get to rehab. My finger will not bend through the full range of motion at the middle knuckle. It feels like it is pulling over the knuckle when I try to get it to bend. The doctor mentioned something about possible tendon damage. Is there a simple exercise you can recommend to help me get better range of motion in my finger?

Dear Terri,
Sorry for delaying answer. Yes there may be a tendon cut or due to that cut injury it may have formed a scar tissue around the injured site. It would be great if you can sent a image of your damaged finger. Anyway by doing self exercise it helps only bit. I feel better if you can do passive mobilization by a physiotherapist. Then probably if the tendon cut is not there your range of motion will be increased.
thank you

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