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Hi, I am dealing with various hand pains.  I started getting Dequervains in both thumbs.  First the Right hand a month ago and then the Left a couple weeks ago.  That is just about healed from rest and splints.  But the problems I am having now is pain on the tops of both hands.  I think from overcompensating because I was using my fingers more with my thumbs in splints.  Started getting pain after I tried doing a small exercise with a rubber band around my fingers and extending  my fingers.  That was a week and a half ago and I am still experiencing pain with rest.  First few days I iced.   And after 72hrs I used contrast baths.  The contrast baths helped, especially the first couple hours afterward, but the pain returns.  I've taken off work to rest but I still feel pain from using the touchpad on my laptop.  I think it is tendonitis of the extensor flexors on the tops of my hands but my doctor thinks it may be carpal tunnel syndrome.  But I feel no pain on my palms and no numbness or tingling.  

I'd like your opinion on what it may be and how to treat.  My doctor is going to do an EMG to rule out carpal.  I saw that you know about Rheumatology also.  And I have never been diagnosed, but I have had problems with tendonitis throughout my body.  Never joint problems, only tendonitis.  In the past I  had it in groin, hamstring, on top of calve muscles, achilles and feet, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, multiple places in both shoulders, knee.  My Dr thinks it is because of my job (house painter).  But I am not sure if there is something else that is causing tendonitis in various spots the past 5 years.  Not sure if a Rheumatological condition can cause tendonitis only and without any joint problems.

But mostly if you can help with my hands as this is causing me lots of problems working and supporting myself.  Thank you very much!

Dear Jim,
According to you I feel that you dont have tendinitis. YOu have multiple joint pain. I dont know the small joints of your body been swollen? If there is swelling with pain and restricted movements I can guess that you have a kind of atritis. But the diagnosis up to doctor. YOu may have to do test to find out.
If you have carpal tunnel syndrome the pain and numbness must be in 1st,2nd and half of the 3rd fingers only.You can exclude by that.
arthritis is not related with tendinitis because osteoatritis relates to cartilage and joint capsule and the rheumatoid is related to synovial membrane.
But anyway pl do all the investigations and do the treatment rather than treating to clinical signs.
Thank you

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