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Hello, I am a 48 year old male, in pretty good physical shape. April 6,2015 I injured my right hand in mountain bike wreck. Saw a hand orthopedic on 4/8. X-rays showed on the knuckle between hand and fingers of the index finger was fractured. This fracture is on the inside portion of the finger, between middle finger and index, Doctor said the tendon attaches right at the point of fracture and more than likely the finger was hit hard enough where the tendon pulled the corner of the bone away. Cast removed 7 1/2 weeks later May 27.
the cast went from forearm up to the ends of both middle and index fingers, completely immobilizing those two fingers.
now 3 days out of cast, those two fingers still swollen beyond what I would think is typical.
The day the cast came off doctor gave exercises to rehab hand, scheduled 2 week follow up and said I should be making a complete fist by then. This seems very unlikely as by the end of the day with pretty aggressive exercising to make the '2 week fist' hand becomes very swollen, soar and not much gain on flexibility. the most difficult knuckles to get the flexibility and movement are the boxing knuckle and knocking knuckle of both index and middle finger.
Also at night when sleeping hand has become extremely painful and tingling sensation.
My passion is golf and with this hand like this, golf is not looking good so far !!
I am becoming a bit concerned and frustrated.
any advise would be greatly appreciated.

That's a long time to be immobilized.  You probably need treatment by a certified hand therapist 3x/week for 8-10 weeks or so. Make sure they are a CHT. Look on Do gentle exercises only with no pain or swelling. You will fall far short on a fist.  

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