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I fell and bent my middle finger way back about a month ago. It swelled for a day or so in the knuckle area.

I have not yet sought medical treatment because I thought it would it would eventually stop hurting. A month later, it still hurts slightly around the knuckle area.  

Do you think I should seek medical treatment for this? Do these things really take this long to heal?

Thank you for your assistance.

Sorry for the delay in my response.  You could have sprained a ligament in which certain things can be done to rest the tissue and allow for healing.  An exam from an orthopedic physician would be needed.  I would recommend a certified hand surgeon if you have access to one.  Check

If it has steadily gotten better then you may be ok but if it never truly resolves then you should have it looked at.  Ligaments take awhile to heal so 4 weeks might still be a little early.

Thanks and good luck!!!

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