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Hello Brian,

I worked on Biceps 2 days ago at the gym. It's the first time I don't weight training in about 7 months. The day after, my biceps hurt so bad that I couldn't straighten my arm. It was even painful moving. Now today is day 2 and it feels just as bad. Very painful to even put my shirt on. I constantly feel pain now. Been pushing a gallon and a half of water the last few days. How long is recovery and what all can I take for the pain? It hurts really bad in the bicep area when I try to straighten it out. The pain and soreness is constant. What is the usual recovery time? Thank you for your time and volunteering.

Simple case of doing too much after 7 months out of the gym.  Muscles respond to stress but when over stressed they become "damaged" temporarily until rest and healing can occur.  This is the same reason professional bodybuilders do not work the same muscles without giving them some rest...because the muscle can't grow until fully healed.

Day 3-4 should be the worst of it.  If it doesn't get better you may have a partially-torn tendon and should stop working out for 12 weeks.  If it still isn't better see an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation.

In the meantime, heat and gentle stretching is indicated.

Good luck

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