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Wayne Baker wrote at 2013-10-15 03:55:47
It seems to me that the only answer I see is a little light.  Light is peculiar.  It has some qualities as i understand that is consistent with matter.  This would be the photons.  Light also acts in ways consistent with energy.  This is the EM spectrum.  Now if it is matter then two photons leaving the sun at a divergence angle of point two five degrees would by the time they traveled to the earth at the Summer solstice could miss the earth, one going by on the dawn side and one on the duck side.  That is if my math is correct.  As energy however, you would note if you drop an object into water a wave appears going out in an expanding circle.  For star light this phenomenon would be out forming a globe, not circle.  Submarines give us a clue here.  Depth charges that are very close destroy them, far away damage them.  The energy is spread out and so the energy per unit is lessened.  It seems to me we have both these phenomenons to consider and understand to give answer to your question and mine.


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