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Physics/Heat retention in gravel


A vehicle is parked in the summer on a gravel driveway, idling for several minutes before departing. Eight hours later, a light rain falls, leaving all of the driveway wet except the rectangle where the vehicle had been idling. Is it possible for the gravel to retain enough heat for that period of time to produce the rectangle in question?


So - this is either a riddle or a mechanics question... but not thermodynamics question.

In short - no.  The heat would have dissipated shortly after the vehicle moved.

Either (in the case of a riddle) the vehicle had returned and that is why the gravel did not get wet... eg the vehicle always is parked in the same place.

Or it is a statement that the vehicle is losing oil/some other fluid which has effectively coated the gravel in such a way that it rejects moisture.

I hope this helps.  Take care.


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