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I wanted to know the real life / industrial applications of the frequency equaton derived from the vertical spring mass model.
There are many articles regarding the mathematical dervation of the equation etc. but nothing explaining it's significance / application.
thanks - much appreciated :)

Tons.  Think shock absorbers, for one.  That's a mass-spring system with damping.  I would've said clocks, but that's a little old-fashioned.  Bridges seem like a string problem, but there are many parts to a bridge (supports) that require mass-spring analysis.  Researchers even used a mass-spring oscillation to measure the mass of a single bacterium.  Though not a spring directly, jackhammers.  Trampolines and springboards (olympic sports like diving and gymnastics, where even floor exercise has springs under the floor).  Quality control for shaking cars to test them.  These are just a few things that come to mind off the top of my head that aren't related to running shoes and Jack-in-the-box toys...surely you can think up a few more, if you look around and think about it.  How do you think we weigh astronauts in space to see how their health is?


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