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QUESTION: hi... i am in 2nd puc(cbse syllabus). i am really confused for the physics investigatory project.....can u plz advice me something. can u plz advice me a topic on which i can prepare my project.plz plz i really need ur help plz help me out....

ANSWER: I have no idea what "2nd puc(cbse syllabus)" means and it's helpful if you don't use text-message formats for typing.  What are you interested in?  I've guided many physics projects, but if you're not interested in the subject (projectile motion, rockets, electricity, etc) then you're more likely to fail at it by not finishing.  If you are, then it's more likely to be a good project.  But I need something to start with from you.

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QUESTION: sorry i meant that i study in class 12 with NCERT syllabus. actually i am interested in electricity but confused in selecting a suitable topic for my demonstrating that the resistance of a wire increases directly as the length of the wire increases.

I have no idea what the NCERT syllabus is, either, since you don't define it.

Well, that part is easy.  Just get a wire and cut it in half.  Then run a current through it an measure the current through just one piece in series and the current through the whole thing (connected at the center) in series.  Or do a 4-point measurement, where you measure the voltage across the whole wire and the voltage across a section only half its length in the middle, which should be half of the voltage across the whole wire.


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