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There is an AC current flowing through a wire, so it has an electromagnetic field around it, if we put a wire with DC current  near the AC current wire, what is the effect of these wires on each other? Can we calculate the field? What is the appropriate distance between these two wires? Another, if we shield the wires and put them on a cable tray, has the problem solved?
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Placing a DC carrying wire near an AC carrying wire should result in a pulsating force between the wires with a 60 Hertz frequency as the varying magnetic field of the AC wire exerts a varying force in the DC carrying wire and vice versa.
Magnetic Field strength near a long, straight current carrying wire is given by:
B=mu*I/(2*pi*r) where B is the field strengthin Teslas, mu is the the magnetic field constant, I is the current and r is the distance from the center of the wire.
Surrounding each wire with a grounded conducting cylindrical shell should completely shield each wire from the other wire's effects.


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