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Dear Prof James

1. Is the Cargo carrying capacity (Load, Weight) fixed or standard in all Commercial Airplane Carriers ?. Is this done for Security measure for not exceeding the total weight, load of the airplane i.e passengers, cargo, fuels, airplane etc ?  

2. Is there a certain Total Load or Weight of the Airplane which cannot be exceeded ?. Is this identified by Electronic Instruments panel, Alarms etc indicating the Total Weight, Load of the Airplane to the pilot before flight takes off ?.

3. In case if the Total Load or Weight of a Airplane is exceeded
and still the Pilot tries a take off, can it lead to plane crash ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Each plane has its own weight limitations based on the lift that the plane is capable of generating and the fuel load. This limit is strictly physical and has nothing to do with security concerns.
Absolutely! An alarm would go off in the cockpit if the weight limit was exceeded. Although it is quite unlikely that this would normally be exceeded.
Of course! only an idiot would attempt to take off with an excessive load. In fact, if the load really did exceed the maximum load limit the plane could NOT even lift off the ground. Yoru can't break the laws of physics.


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